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An ongoing series of publication focused on health equity and underserved communities.

        My Journey: How One Medical Doctor Helped People Handle Difficult Times During the Pandemic 

My Journey: How One Medical Doctor Helped People Handle Difficult Times During the Pandemic 


November 14, 2022

by Dr. Rhonda Johnson (Author)

Confused, afraid, worried, relieved, weary? Do you recall having feeling like this during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Did you find it difficult to trust the information you were told about the new coronavirus or the new vaccines? Who did you rely on for accurate information? For some, Dr. Rhonda Johnson was a trusted messenger of health information.

Over the past three years, millions listened to her content on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and her private Instagram account for guidance. Some agreed, some objected and many expressed their opinions.

In this book, Dr. Johnson shares her story of being a physician messenger and some of the messages that viewers shared with her. The book captures the comments just as they were written on her social media sites. You may find yourself self-identifying with some of them. Dr. Rhonda (as she was called by many viewers) was a calming voice to many in the community who followed her; while others reacted with criticism to her content. My Journey is a ‘screenshot’ of a time of this uncertainty.

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Dr. Rhonda Johnson — I Survived COVID-19!

November 6, 2021

Posted on by Medium by Dr. Rhonda Moore Johnson

How on earth did the COVID doctor get COVID?”

“For the last year you’ve been telling us how to prevent COVID and you got it?”


Rhonda Moore Johnson, MD, MPH

Health Equity Champion


Reflections From A "Trusted Community Messenger"

July 19, 2021

Posted on by Medium by Dr. Rhonda Moore Johnson 

For much of my professional career, I have done community education and health promotion. With all of the confusion and misinformation surrounding the pandemic in year one and the vaccine roll out in 2021, I voluntarily became what is now called a “Trusted Community Messenger” and volunteered time to combat misinformation for family and friends.  Read more...


How These Doctors are Bridging the Racial Gap in Medicine in Pittsburgh

‘Ask a Black Doctor’ brings physicians and the community together to dispel misconceptions and build trust.

April 19, 2021

Written by Deborah M. Todd

When COVID-19 swept across the United States last year, there was generalized confusion surrounding how the virus was contracted, the effectiveness of safety guidelines, testing, and how long Americans would need to shelter in place. In Black communities, that confusion was multiplied by targeted conspiracy theories, a dearth of testing options and damaged relationships with the medical community that trace back to the nation’s origins.

Dr. Rhonda Johnson saw the writing on the wall. She is a retired physician executive and chair of the fundraising committee of Gateway Medical Society, a Pittsburgh-based coalition of Black healthcare providers dedicated to closing racial disparities in health care. Read more...


Happy Black History Month:

Pandemic Reflections on the Power of One

February 26, 2021

Posted on by Medium by Dr. Rhonda Moore Johnson

History never looks like history when you are living through it.” (John W. Gardner) —

I used this quote in a blog post published in 2016, “Personal Reflections on Black History Month.” Read more...

Today I Became A Statistic… But That’s Not All

Today, I became a statistic. I joined the 33 million Americans who have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

February 11, 2021

Posted on by Medium by Dr. Rhonda Moore Johnson

Like many, I felt an enormous amount of relief. I also felt extremely grateful to not be amongst the over 460,000 dead, for amongst those included friends, relatives of friends, and extended family members. I felt thankful for all of the decisions made to sacrifice social events, dining out, and canceled vacations.


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